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who is Heaven and Hope? Heaven and Hope are a retailor and manufacturer . Selling baby clothes online to fit tiny infants born at 16 - 40 weeks pregnant

who is Heaven and Hope? Heaven and Hope are a retailor and manufacturer . Selling baby clothes online to fit tiny infants born at 16 - 40 weeks pregnant

what do Heaven and Hope do ? Heaven and Hope offer baby clothes online in very tiny sizes. To fit babies Born at 16,18,20,22,24,26 weeks plus 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb premature  baby - newborn. Also a specialist store for burial and cremation attire providing a valued memorial to a babies life. Girls baby clothes, Boys baby clothes, Unisex baby clothes too. 

​Update for 2022
All baby clothes on this site for sizes less than born at 26 weeks are handmade to order. It means we can tweak an item slightly for your baby's direct clothing needs in funeral wear. Most of these wont be available online from our other sites. making this website better for limited editions ,unique lines that can only be found here. making it even more wonderful to pick a beautiful outfit. Not available in the masses like supermarkets offer. Offering you a more bespoke line just for your child. This is reflected in despatch due to being created from scratch as soon as an order for baby clothes online comes in. One extra day is needed in order to make them solely for you. We do understand you need them very fast. The staff are sensitive to your requirements at this sad time.

Not only do Heaven and Hope offer traditional coloured outfits. but you'll find clothing available that is out of this world. made from sumptuously soft fabrics, The most cutest of prints that you wont find anywhere else. Plus hand made clothing that all the other mums will be eager to know where you ordered them from . For the youngest trend setter of the family. Not only offering practically for dressing tender tiny babies but deliciously soft materials kind to gentle skin.

The baby clothes online at Heaven and Hope is second to none you name it, Heaven and Hope stock it. So three websites the main one for premature baby clothes online ordering. Find easily items such as premature baby tights headbands, 1lb dresses, little leggings and warm coats available all year round. Seasonal clothing isn't just available at particular seasons either. These are stocked all year round. In season and Out. As is often found when you go to buy outfits from supermarkets. Once sold out they don't replace.


Especially if its coming to the next collection due out. The other website is with more choices for a burial service just for tiny infants again but with different stock to what's here on this online shop. The baby clothes online as even more choices all round.

Ordering online for baby clothes has never been easier. In fact this is the only UK business that specializes in just these sizes. The business owner originally started out way back in 2005. so click the shop products button and start browsing items straight away. or for premature visit our main website site departments for girls boys and unisex here ....

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