baby loss frequently asked questions

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baby loss what do you say when some one has lost their infant? How do you cope after loosing a baby? where can you get support for loss of 1 or more babies? here we ,look at your most frequently asked questions with realistic answers.


please note this page as sensitive information that may cause upset. Baby loss is such a taboo that not many people like to talk about it. We have found parents do like to talk about the memory of their babies, no matter how long they were on this earth for.


more questions will be answered as families search for answers. The top FAQ will be addressed on this page. feel free to follow the links to our other related articles on baby bereavement thankyou for stopping by. we hope you find it useful and informative as you look at each section in detail just below.. 

baby losses- this topic looks at causes when someone has lost a baby, where to get support after the lost of a fetus /child, infant loss gifts ideas, poems, prayers for a church service, next the awareness day that is held each year.


What ​charities offer advice and help for a bereaved family. plus answering delicate words what to say to a parent after the loss of their baby.

the term baby loss on this page refers only to the passing away of a embryo/ fetus stage . Includes babies of all ages with references  also to SIDS and a neonatal loss



baby loss support in the UK
baby loss support is more available in the UK now than 60 years ago.

Back then mums who lost a baby in hospital sometimes never had the chance to hold their baby even after a stillbirth. They were taken away straight after delivery. The strict matrons told them to get on with it you can always have another.

They went home feeling helpless lonely devastated even. more than 30 years later and you ask these women how did you cope? They say I never got over it it will always haunt me but you just had to get on with things back then.

No support at all except from your husband. it was just so different baby loss was not mentioned in public at all.. 

Here in the year 2022 you'll find its much more supportive. So where can you get help encouragement to keep going, to find a listening ear . A shoulder to cry on ? someone to empathise with you who have also been there in the exact same situation after losing a child so early. 

In the first point of call for baby loss is the bereavement midwife. There for the delivery and how you are cared for in hospital afterwards. Try to ask for somewhere to deliver your baby away from other mums. Often there is a bereavement suite that's quiet and not near new mums with their live babies.

You may go home with a infant loss memory box that's been donated by a charity. there could be a leaflet inside of support groups nearby your home town. online you'll find a couple of baby loss support sites such as Sands and Teddy's wish.

Next if you are on mums net forums or other social media support groups parents join and have found other families too share their experiences. So you feel you are not alone and can make many good contacts in the process. 

For more baby loss support you can also use a bereavement counsellor. Your local doctor may have tel numbers to hand for you. You should never stop talking even in grief.

Even if it's only talking to one other person you can confide in . baby loss is the hardest form of grief to deal with.  You'll need loving support from those who care


baby loss charities in UK  have come on in leaps and bounds over the years. The amount of charities that offer help advice support and free products for families is amazing.

The baby loss charity we heard about first was Sands. In fact it was a few years back. looking at their aims and objectives they have been operating for 40 years now in the year 2022. Their mission is to try to create a world that brings down the deaths of babies. Whether it be through research, product development .

Lets hope this charity succeeds. the baby loss support this charity offer has expanded now to include not only 100 local support groups in the community that meet up. but provide a freephone hotline number .families can have as much care and support they need from this successful baby loss charity.

Teddy's wish is a baby loss charity that funds research into the causes of baby loss. They didn't want families to feel they are alone after loosing a baby. Next they offer two free gifts on their website . One is a book a mothers story of love offering hope after an infant bereavement. The next gift is a cup of tea and biscuits drinks package. One great service they offer is free bereavement counselling .

If you have lost a baby after 24 weeks pregnant. You can get in touch with this charity. Parents often find it hard to talk to close family members, they cannot seem to relate the same. Chatting to a stranger is often a better place to start .Its the process of coming to terms with this dreadful situation of losing a baby.

Aching arms babies loss charity is a support charity run by bereaved families. they give out a free comfort teddy bear to families who have lost an infant. Because its run by parents who have all experienced a similar loss, they understand what you are going through. You can email them for advice a shoulder to cry on to be there if you are feeling vulnerable, during your grief.

They offer training for health professionals to advocate on bereavement care improvements. How you are treated at the time of your loss could effect you years down the line and avoiding situations that can progress onto PTSD.

One area of baby loss support that we feel parents often struggle with is PTSD. When a mum is pregnant she never expects to lose a child especially if it was born sleeping delivering baby as a stillbirth towards the end of her pregnancy. Shock is the factor here everything rushed happening so quickly not being able to control the events surrounding the death . Blaming oneself for the outcome of the birth or the trauma caused by a difficult delivery.


one charity that helps with this in its entirety is Petals .

Petals charity offers counselling sessions after the death of an infant. You can have up to 6 as an individual or as a couple. these are offered throughout different hospitals throughout the UK.
lullaby trust charity after a baby bereavement offer emotional and practical help for grieving families. With a webchat, email or telephone number to give a listening ear and a befriending scheme. Its so you never have to face this time alone.

Baby loss poem ideas 

baby loss poem ideas for the funeral service please can you advise us on the best way forward? 

here are a few ideas on appropriate baby loss poems to use at a babies funeral service. Feel free to use any on your order of service leaflets. Next these can be handed out to guests as they arrive and is a wonderful keepsake honouring baby's memory.
The following loss of a baby poems are in sections of unisex infant boys and infant girl ones.

unisex infant loss poems

our precious baby was like a diamond ring,
beautiful glowing and the joy you did bring.
thinking of you in the heavens above.
and only knew happiness, as we showered you with love.

twinkling stars shining in the night sky,
goodnight precious baby as we say our goodbye.
loving you dearly you will always be missed,
from your mummy and daddy as we blow you a kiss.

you were born and we sang to you as you lay on my chest.
happy and peaceful we now lay you to rest.
saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do,
but your mummy and daddy will always love you.

baby loss poems for boys

you'll never get to play with trains and other toys,
or run in a park and play with other boys.
you'll play with the angels in heaven up above.
in our hearts we will miss you but we'll fill it with your love.


our baby boy that brought us such joy, 

gone too soon, resting near the moon.
thinking of you as the clouds pass us by. 
loving you forever of something we cant deny.

saying goodbye to our dear baby son.
loved for a lifetime which had only just begun.
missing you always as we turn out the light,
lying in your forever bed as we bid you goodnight.

baby loss poems girls

our beautiful baby as now gone to be with God
To precious for earth, born sleeping at birth.
A lifetime of kisses all rolled into one. 
yet only left with us love 

little angel babies playing in heaven 
our girl is amongst them smiling from above.
laughing, giggling, knowing nothing but love.
no sadness, no tears no pain will be there 
only peace joy and happiness and this be our prayer.