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tiny baby clothing boys funeral clothes from 16th week of pregnancy

tiny baby clothing boys at heaven and hope provide top quality garments in the micro of preterm sizing's offering dignity and respect for their funeral service.

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Every item of boys clothing is available and you only need to ring text or email if you would like a bespoke change. This could a different colour or a smaller size. we are here to accommodate your boys tiny clothing needs .

YOUR Top Questions Answered 1. is it just white clothing you do for boys ? No we offer all colourations including, many blues, cream, lemon, for boys in all solid shades. 2. I fancy dressing my small baby boy in a cute pattern is this something you offer ? oh yes very much so from teddy bear prints to transport designs on the fabric. All tastes are catered for here. We offer choices galore just only in the tiny sizes you will find it hard to get anywhere else. 3. my baby boy was born at 24 weeks do you make them this small? yes indeed our smallest gown set starts at 16 weeks baby grow sets start at 20 weeks. after 26 weeks the sizing's change by low birth weight going up to a newborn size.