smallest tiny baby clothes uk based for funeral wear and products for tiny babies dignified paying respect modestly dressed

smallest tiny baby clothes uk online. the very smallest tiny clothing at heaven and hope. The website has funeral products paying respect to a baby's memory and modestly dressed for the funeral. These are a tiny baby clothes specialist Heaven And Hope UK. Back in 2007 a family came into our baby clothes shop. They wanted an outfit for a 2lb baby, at the time they had dolls clothes in which even these were too big.

As the family left with very sad expressions on the faces The owner said "never again will a family not find a small enough outfit to dress a baby in for its own funeral". 20 years later the business now is the only baby clothes online shop that supplies real baby grows hats and mittens from 20 weeks gestation.

Providing the cutest clothes softest fabrics widest range too. a family can feel part of the arrangements by choosing their baby's own clothes. dressed with respect and paying honour to their memory.

This online-only business also offers the smallest funeral items for tiny babies. Tiny baby clothes from 16 weeks pregnant. Tiny teddy bears from 3cm. keeping baby company for their journey to Heaven. plus all the essentials in micro sizes, you'll find it hard to buy these items anywhere else.

Our services include offering the widest range of the smallest tiny baby clothes in the UK. including Handmade real baby clothes. As most are hand made it means we can tweak some items for your own requirements.