baby coffins teddies blue bear

baby coffins teddies blue bear

baby coffins tiny teddy bear in baby blue size 40mm


baby coffins tiny teddy bear so sweet. keeping baby company on their journey to the stars. mini sizes so cute and ever so tiny they would fit perfectly in your wallet or purse to carry with you always. Put one in baby's hand so they they not alone on their final journey. Mums and dads sometimes order two. one to add in the keepsake box as well. honouring their memory forever kept with you all .


how these tiny teddies offer comfort at a time of grief.

sadly when a baby dies early on in pregnancy mum and dad have not had years and years of memories spent with their child.

At Heaven and Hope one of the services we offer is the most micro sized baby funeral items for baby coffins. one of these items comes in the form of a mini cuddly toy. These teddies are not overpowering in size .

In fact they are so small sizes start at only 3.5cm. It means that a newborn teddy would be way to big for baby's hand to hold.yet these ones are just perfect. all colours too incuding unisex . When a baby's scan didnt reveal the sex of the baby. This brown teddy is ideal in such instances. its quite comforting to know your baby will have company in the coffin snuggled close with teddy best friend as they are prepared for a farewell sleep.