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Unisex baby clothes bereavement outfits smallest in UK

Unisex baby clothes from 16 weeks pregnancy at Heaven And Hope. dressing tiny babies since 2007 with loving care and paying tribute to their name.

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unisex baby clothes at Heaven and Hope start from a tiny size of only 16 weeks pregnant. Dressing your child with modesty in the simplistic of funeral wear. Clothes that will ensure warmth comfort and with ease to put on.  The type of garments you will find in the very small fittings will be a gown and hat set .

This is due to the tender nature of babies born this small. 

Next the first unisex baby sleepsuits sets start from 20 weeks pregnant. Comprising of a full outfit to complete their clothing needs for a burial or cremation ceremony. For a natural burial these are perfect as they are ecofriendly made form soft biodegradable cotton. Feeling nice worn next to skin stretchy enough to open and put on so easy. 

unisex baby clothes for pre-term babies funeral on this website are not available in high street shops. These are hand made to order and can be changed slightly. So they can accommodate your baby's direct sizing needs to should you wish . you may want a different colour outfit in one you like most. A slight teak and we can usually change this quite simply for you prior to ordering.

Based on line this baby clothes shop for unisex boys and girls wear is solely online. Making it easier than travelling up to Lancashire to collect in person. Posting every day Monday to Friday with long opening hours. Its so you can contact us urgently by email or telephone should you need a question answering fast.

unisex baby clothes online come in a variety of pastel and colourful shades. Unusually cute prints readily available too. Examples are Zoo animals, unisex coloured Panda bears, Little mice, teddy bears, unisex stars.